Quick Reminder ~ Sam Bonds Wednesday Sept 19

We’re playing this Wednesday night at Sam Bonds in Eugene.  StackCats made a poster, so I’m adding it here: 

sam-bonds Show starts at around 9PM with StackCats, and we’ll follow at about 10ish… The set includes a couple of the newest tunes we’re recording, Earthling and Tula Luna. 🙂

And as always…We’ll be looking for all of YOU!

CDBaby – songs are up!

Yay!  Several of the songs have now been posted to CDBaby ~ this means you can listen to them and/or get them on our website at , our facebook page at , and i-tunes, Amazon, etc.  Right now, I was able to configure the “widget” to play each entire song on the facebook page, but it currently only plays a short sample on the website.  If there’s a way to fix that, I’ll do so.

We’ve also recorded a version of Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit”…and it is now posted as well.  We have such fun with it live that we decided to go ahead and break with tradition a bit and record a “remake”. 

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New Songs…

I am so excited about the  new songs that we’re writing!  With the addition of Pete and Ian, the band now has three strong back up vocalists, which is allowing us to perform the songs with the nice full harmonies that I’ve always wanted.  For those of you who liked “”Seven Wonders” and Arriving” before, wait till you hear them with harmonies!

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Upcoming Show

Well, yes, it’s been a while!  I’ve found myself rather occupied commenting upon various blogs, and writing *another blog that’s semi-anonymous… and so neglecting this one a bit.  But now I’m BACK.

We are doing a benefit At Cozmic Pizza the night of January 14th, 2012

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Tell a Caterpillar…

Tell a caterpillar it is really a butterfly and it will never believe you! 
~ Daily Guru

Some Thoughts of Consciousness and Religion

For those of us who follow the “Royal Road” of Direct Experience, accounts of other people’s insights, legends, and myth based religions have little appeal.  We may resonate with the person(s) who had the original insights, but we understand that each time someone has a direct experience of consciousness, Oneness, divinity…LIFE, (whatever you choose to  call it) there are inevitably blind followers who create empty rituals and adulterate the original insights.

You can tell how far the followers are from the original vision by the rigidity if their rules and the intensity with which they defend their position.

While Direct Experience is a living thing, followers create religions, which are dead.

Religion clings to the empty cocoon after the butterfly of direct spiritual experience has flown.

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Life is Life’s Greatest Gift

Psychanaut is coming along great! (although there is some tweaking as is always necessary) Still looking for just the right chemistry in players.  And the recordings are one by one being mixed/mastered.  The songs sound really great.  And its a great time for creativity!  New tunes are coming along. 

But what I’m most pleased about is the new people in my reality who share my feelings of compassion.   IT’s always been my dream to play with creative, conscious people who both know how to rock, and are aware and sensitive.  Do these things always have to be mutually exclusive?

Here’s a couple of quotes that caught my eye today… The first is anonymous, and a variation on a quote about children…if you know the author, please let me know so I  can add their name.

“A hundred years from now, it will not matter  the sort of house I lived in, what my bank account was, or the car I drove… but the world may be different because I was important in the life of animals and the creatures on this earth.”


Life is life’s greatest gift. Guard the life of another creature as you would your own because it is your own. On life’s scale of values, the smallest is no less precious to the creature who owns it than the largest … Dr. Lloyd Biggle Jr., Musician, Author, Historian (1923 – 2002)

Life gets so busy!

OK,  I know my postings on facebook have been minimal, and the newsletter hasn’t been sent in a while, and I’ve cut down on blogging too.  This is not because I don’t love you guys.  I do!  It’s just that I’m really focusing on slowing down just a bit and spending less time online ~ heresy?  Oh yeah!  I’m just feeling like I’ve over digitized myself lately and I feel a need to spend more time in the analog world.

Meanwhile several of the most recently mixed tunes have just been mastered, and yeah!  They sound really sweet.  We’re holding these versions back until the whole album is done.  I think it’ll be worth it.

Meanwhile, my new thing is to avoid clocks as much as humanly possible…somehow, I find more  time for songwriting and all that studio work when I just stop looking at the clock.

It doesn’t work so well for performances, though,  LOL. 

My other new thing is to mellow out on the multitasking.  Again, too much stuff happening, and it winds up being like there’s three songs being written at once, three more being mixed, another couple with overdubs ~ and nothing actually done!  So, for the time being, it’s all about focus, vision, and being present in the moment.

Where ever you go…

There you are.  I have a dear friend who’s a world traveler, yet he always calls me and says he’s bored.  It’s crazy, bored in Paris, bored in Spain.  So finally I had to mention that quote to him and we had a good laugh!

Someone recently asked if I miss California and I guess I’d have to say not really.  I’m there a couple times a year but I never miss it.  I’ve lived and performed all over the place, from LA to Maui and some crazy places between… but I do like my current location:to be able to get to a forest for inspiration…and to a river… and to the ocean… well, there’s nothing like it.

Certain places in Europe are calling to me lately, too… but any place I can breathe deeply and sing loud are good enough for me.

New Energies

Brief update…

Wow, some very cool new energies with the tunes ~ some new musicians and fresh ideas.  There’s a couple of tunes we wrote last year that have gotten an entirely new energy to ‘em.  I’m really liking some of the new directions, even though it may make some of the recordings obsolete.  I love letting the songs just evolve.

“Arriving” is getting (probably) a new name because the hook is different now.    And “Riding the Wheel” got entirely changed, with a new feel that’s just really fun ~ you won’t recognize it from the live show version or the old recordings you’ve heard.  It’s like a new song.

And I’ve overdubbed some very dynamic vocal parts that you can’t normally hear in the live rock shows.  Really pleased with the contrasting bits… can’t wait to hear what you all think!

  more later~