Song Drought

Wow. I have no songs right now… no lyrics.  It’s weird.  And terrible.  I miss them.

I had moved into writing some visionary lyrics and melodies, snippets of songs surprising me when I least expected them…more spacy songs, more poetry, more beauty.  Then came the coup of November 8.

But now, nothing — except a defiant, loud, rockin scream.  I suppose active defiance is better than despair.

I don’t really want to be writing protest songs or angry songs.  And I have no words.  Just those rock screams.

Is your sleep off?  As in “not sleeping”?  Everybody I know is hardly sleeping.  We’re stumbling around, remembering how other countries fell.  Remembering all the other despots, authoritarian states, and civilizations that have vanished.  So we don’t sleep too well, these days.

And when we do, we awake determined to be vigilant… to somehow get through this.

War cries are a type of song, aren’t they?


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