New Song Sample Posted: Riding the Wheel

We’ve just posted another song sample on

“Riding the Wheel” is kind of a fun song, it strikes me as being a bit more “radio friendly” than some of our other tunes – but what about you? What do you think? We’ll be releasing another one as soon as it’s mixed – soon!

This batch of songs is really fun, it seems as though the entire CD is gonna be quite cool, but of course I’m biased. The next batch that we’ve written lately and some that are still “cooking” are coming along beautifully, and I can’t wait to record them, too. But must- focus-on-mixing!

We may need to take all these other songs recorded here and tweak them at Ben’s studio for continuity of sound. Comparing the overall sound of the songs recorded here on our computer and there on his will determine what we’ll need to do. Ben likes to use outboard gear and we use an extensive array of plug-ins – but burning the mix to tape is a really nice last step either way, warms up the tracks a bit.

We’ll be rehearsing tomorrow night…so the next song mix will have to wait.

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  1. again….such a tease!!! We want more!! —can’t wait to hear the whole thing, and ride that wheel all the way around. -Love the conviction in your voice., and the natural progressive feel to the music. Although you are a true original, your voice sometimes reminds me of Saraya, a great rock group from some years back. I loved all her stuff, and yours as well!!!

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