Shooting video and preparing tracks for final mixing

Scarlet’s candle lightThe last couple of nights we’ve been shooting a bit of video, and it’s quite fun. We were looking for just the right lighting in the evenings – the golden hour. We’d decided to add a bit of theme footage to tie together all the live footage we have – to capture the essence of the songs and the energy, and give it a little thread of continuity, rather than just a barrage of live footage and concert photos alone.  (This is for the half hour show on public access.)

I’ve included a photo from the video stills isn’t it fun? The concept is some loose imagery that popped into my head last week. Later on this week we’ll shoot a small bit of rehearsal, and one evening soon I’ll even be directing/shooting the guys in the band if all goes well. That sounds like a great time!

Using twilight’s natural lighting outside and stuff like candles rather than just adding lights means that there’s only a small window of opportunity each evening just after dusk…while there’s still some light, but not too much. And then, poof – the light is gone!

Meanwhile, we have another new song that has been taking shape, and I’m very into it right now… as always, it seems the newest songs are the best, but that’s just an illusion caused by the newness. I’m not totally fooled, but I’d still like to immerse myself in it right now. But there’s a lot that needs to be done – like preparing tracks for mixing.

All the tracks that we’ve done on this home studio have to be converted to full length wav files so they’ll be able to be edited by other software. That’s common when you move between studios using differing software, but it’s a little tedious. Each song has tons of individual tracks, so it’s a bit of busy-work to prepare them – but when you sit down and listen to them, they sound really good.

Right about now I’m ready for a fairy godmother to appear and pay for studio time so we could do this faster!

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  1. Greetings!

    I love how the magical elements enhance your music and ambiance. It’s beautiful to allow the creativiity to pull all the pieces together so synergistically. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  2. ditto on that comment!! It is so diffiicult to get away from the “computer room”, and to actually allow nature to influence the creative process. That can only mean GOOD things for your spirit, and the souls of your listeners. The anticipation and excitement builds…….

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