Busy busy…random thoughts and upcoming Benefit

Wow, the past couple of weeks have just been crazy as we’ve continued auditions for Psychanaut plus getting our acoustic/electric set ready for the Cozmic Pizza benefit July 29.  Tonight we’re trying out some congas and hand drums which will be an alternate to our normal trap kit for this show.


Keeping centered and focused in times of stress and busy-ness is so important!  We have new songs in the works plus new recordings, and will all this outpouring, meditation and taking time to slow down is  the lifeline that allows us to renew our strength and creativity.  I’ve been enjoying the Holosync brainwave entrainment recordings more lately. 

And, gardening time is in full swing – harvesting strawberries, raspberries, marionberries and blueberries in a delicious celebration of Earth’s bounty – yum!  Plus continuing our long-term goal of reducing the use of petroleum products (including plastic) in our lives.  Having been involved in environmental and wildlife causes for so many decades (wow, so long!) I’ve discovered once again that things I’ve taken for granted as common knowledge are not so common.  Everyone has their own life experience and habits, and we’re all so different, it’s easy to make assumptions.  It’s challenging to get out of our comfort zone, but also exciting!   So I thought I’d reprint this suggestion that someone forwarded to me today:

“Some ways to refuse to go along with the corporate agenda: garden, support local farmers markets or coops, choose nonprofits like Paul Newman’s for other food, deposit our money in credit unions,, re-use worn things, share with neighbors, go to the library, seek entertainment through local productions….”

Which brings up  Cozmic Pizza in Eugene’s local Benefit for Rescue of Wildlife/Birds in the BP Gulf Oil Disaster.  Please mark your calendars and tell everyone you know!!! We really want to be able to make an impact and help out. 

100% of proceeds will be donated to Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research, a group that is leading wildlife cleanup and rehabilitation efforts in the Gulf of Mexico, and Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary,
an avian care group in Florida

I believe that the kids at Valley School selected the recipients from a list we’d compiled of groups that are actually working right now, cleaning birds and turtles, housing them, and relocating those well enough to do so.

The raffle winners will get a ton of cool stuff and gift certificates from lots of local businesses.  We’ve had a great outpouring of donations and well-wishes.  It should be a crazy fun time for all!

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