Personnel Changes in Psychanaut

I’ve really loved the harmonies that the guys in Psychanaut sing, and our dear Pirate Pete was an important part of that.  His voice is strong and his pitch is great.  So I’ll really miss that even more than his guitar playing.  And the dual leads he did with Brian were awesome. 

Pete’s been experiencing a bunch of pretty intense life changes of late, and it’s made it difficult for him to put energy into playing.  Psychanaut is, by its very nature, supportive of each other — and all of us have gone through “stuff” while in this fact, the entire history of Psychanaut is full of one or the other of us going through ‘stuff” and the rest of us just “rolling with it’.  We’ve experienced some long  waiting periods between all of this, as many of you have emailed to ask about.  So, I suppose it was time to let change happen.

We’ve made some great music together, and I feel like the affection we feel for each other makes Psychanaut a special project.  I will miss the beautiful 3 part vocal harmonies most!  There were moments, such as during “Arriving” where those harmonies made me feel as if we were singing across multiple dimensions.

So, we’ll miss Pete a lot, and wish him the best… the door always being open for something later on.  We love you Pete!


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