Freak Flags, Fun, and Feather Boas

Sometimes ya just gotta play!

What happens when you hang a feather boa on each musician’s gear before they enter the rehearsal room?

I love to wear stuff that expresses fun.  Or fantasy.  Or mirth.    Sometimes all three :).

But what about the guys?

I’m delighted to report that this is what happened when they found their boas:

Sir Iam rocks the purple boa

Sir Ian rocks the purple boa!

And this…

Brian rocks the red boa!

Stunner revels in the red boa!

And not to be outdone…

Scott rocks the pink boa!

Scott shreds in the pink boa!


We may take our music seriously  — but never ourselves. 🙂

In this mysterious, glorious, delightful, tragic and beautiful reality, there’s always time to play.





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