It has begun…

I’ve started to post 30 second samples of some of the cover tunes in our sets. They can be found in the “Covers” page under the “Music” tab. There are more songs recorded.  Lots more….But holy s*it, I only have so many hours in a night! 😀   Seriously, I’ve just started to learn to Master the tunes myself.  Brian and I have been doing all the Mixing of the recordings, but were handing the tunes over to a more experienced person to Master.  But I wasn’t hearing exactly what I wanted, so I’ve started to play with the Mastering software, and now I’m hearing the little cover-tune samples sound rather like I want them to sound.

Of course, now I suddenly feel like I want to to re-master everything we’ve recorded.  So you see where this is going, don’t you?    It’s gotta stop, LOL.

This is my challenge, to let other people do more of this stuff and just be happy with whatever they come up with.  Delegation is not my strongest suit, but I’m determined to let go more and more.   (Will you help me remember that? )

Oh yeah, I keep forgetting to tell you: there are a couple of shows coming up — you can see them listed in the “Shows” tab.  And I promise I will NOT be hauling the amps or the drum kit.

About the email lists: I have merged the Psychanaut list and the Rock Scarlet list.  If you’ve been on either of those, you will get an email about upcoming shows.  And I will post a subscription form here on this site too, for those of you who want to be on the list and aren’t already.  I’ll post a blog about the subscription form when I get it done.

The guys and I are looking forward to seeing all of you soon — Psychanauts, Rock Scarletiers, and all!


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  1. that math is tricky!… Hey guys, we would love to do cresfest with you next year. Movin’ On is better than ever and performing locally. Keep an eye out. Love to perform with you.

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