Psychanaut at Brew Station Summer turns to Fall

For those of you who were there, you know we played some  crazy shows at the Brew Station this summer…June, July, and August.  And it was hot.  One of the shows happened to fall on a 104 degree day that seemed to hardly cool down for the show at night.  I performed barefoot — it was just too hot for shoes!  The show must go on, no matter what the weather, eh?  But you guys crowded the place and made it fun, so thank you!

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Brew Station Again June 26

Yes indeed, shortly after Summer Solstice we’ll be playing the BrewStation again.  And yes indeed, we’ll be looking for you.  Looking  forward to playing for that awesome crowd that always make these gigs such fun — especially YOU. 🙂


Brew Station – Spring Equinox 2015



Wow! We had a great time playing The Brew Station last night, thanks to everybody who came out!

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Show coming up Nov 15

Nov 15 Happy Hours

Nov 15 Happy Hours

The Big Love Band is returning to Happy Hours on Friday Nov 15th.  With the members knowing so many different songs, it is quite the amusing task to formulate the song list for a basic rock show.  Everybody has their fave tunes, and we like to make all of the players happy at least some of the time. This is a collection of people with…er, “diverse” tastes. 🙂

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Eugene, OR – 10/18/13 – Happy Hours

Full Moon Show Tonight

Big Love Band will be at Happy Hours tonight!  The guys and I will be looking for YOU!

PS)If you want to be informed about upcoming gigs, etc.  you can LIKE “Scarlet Jinn and the Big Love Band” on facebook, or subscribe to updates here on the blog.   Should I re-start the e-mailing list as well?  Let me know!

Want you picture in the photo gallery and/or the facebook page?  Take lots and upload them to the FB page, or attach ’em to an email if you’re more old school. 🙂

See you tonight…♥

This coming Friday Oct 18 Show at Happy Hours

Scarlet Jinn and the Big Love Band has a show at Happy Hours this Friday, Oct 18th.  9PM-1AM.

Here’s the poster:


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It has begun…

I’ve started to post 30 second samples of some of the cover tunes in our sets. They can be found in the “Covers” page under the “Music” tab.

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CDBaby – songs are up!

Yay!  Several of the songs have now been posted to CDBaby ~ this means you can listen to them and/or get them on our website at , our facebook page at , and i-tunes, Amazon, etc.  Right now, I was able to configure the “widget” to play each entire song on the facebook page, but it currently only plays a short sample on the website.  If there’s a way to fix that, I’ll do so.

We’ve also recorded a version of Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit”…and it is now posted as well.  We have such fun with it live that we decided to go ahead and break with tradition a bit and record a “remake”. 

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New Songs…

I am so excited about the  new songs that we’re writing!  With the addition of Pete and Ian, the band now has three strong back up vocalists, which is allowing us to perform the songs with the nice full harmonies that I’ve always wanted.  For those of you who liked “”Seven Wonders” and Arriving” before, wait till you hear them with harmonies!

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