Grace Under Fire

As many of you know, besides making visionary music, I also do hypnotherapy, coaching/counseling & sound healing. And since 2016, I’ve seen a big increase in the level of anxiety in nearly every client.  (Studies confirm this: anxiety is on the rise world-wide.) Some of my clients follow me on FB, and I’ve tried to […]

Playing with the early days of the web

The year was probably 1996.  The internet was young – really young.  There was no google, but instead, a smattering of funky search engines that were primitive by today’s standards.  I was in the midst of teaching myself how to use musical sequencing software and recording software, also really primitive at the time… but the […]

Updating Mushroom Sky

OK, I know I promised you guys that I’d post Mushroom Sky, but…. As usual, I hear stuff in the mix that I want to change. So, those of you who’ve followed me through many musical projects, you know that I’m picky when it comes to my own music. And this is one of those […]

Song Drought

Wow. I have no songs right now… no lyrics.  It’s weird.  And terrible.  I miss them. I had moved into writing some visionary lyrics and melodies, snippets of songs surprising me when I least expected them…more spacy songs, more poetry, more beauty.  Then came the coup of November 2018. But now, nothing — except a […]

This “election” is wrong…

On Nov 9 we awakened into a twisted world, a distorted, terrifying fun-house mirror reality – except without any fun.  Instead, just the creepy feeling that something is off. I still feel as though we’ve all somehow slipped into an alternate reality, an “opposite land” where everything is backwards.  I keep hoping I’ll wake up. […]


Most of you who know me, (and especially if you follow me on twitter), you know that I’m acutely aware of politics. Politics is a challenging field, because of the obvious ego/greed base of most of the players in that particular game.  And frankly, it’s exhausting to pay attention to it, much less be involved. […]

Musicians, Vibrations, and Roses

Those of you who know me are aware that I’m always ready to see the best in my fellow humans. This experience of being human can be hard, and people get wounded along the way. We’re all a mixed bag of delightful and dysfunctional. Its part of what makes us each unique – our individual […]

The Rediculously Complex Task of Selecting Cover Tunes

It’s a funny thing to be a songwriter.  Lyrics spring to mind often fully formed, or they come in dreams, of sometimes they just sing themselves — all of which is a great delight.  Words can be limiting as well, though.   I love singing, and I like to work with primal tones rather than words […]

Show this Friday January 30th

We miss you guys are are really looking forward to seeing you after our holiday break.  How about this Friday January 30th? We’ll be doing an all night show at Goodfellas in Springfield…it’s 21 and up, and it’s FREE.  So come on out, bring a bunch of friends, and let’s party!  Show starts at 9:30 […]