New Song Sample Posted: Riding the Wheel

We’ve just posted another song sample on “Riding the Wheel” is kind of a fun song, it strikes me as being a bit more “radio friendly” than some of our other tunes – but what about you? What do you think? We’ll be releasing another one as soon as it’s mixed – soon!

“How do you not lose your voice?” and other queries…

It seems lots of people are reading the blog, which is so cool…but not leaving comments, and instead going to and sending me an email with questions. That’s OK, but really it’s easier and quicker to leave a comment here 🙂 Don’t be shy, I love to hear from everyone! So here’s the questions […]

Posting Two New Songs

Tonight two songs from the upcoming CD (which I’m temporarily calling “Views from the Hologram”) are now uploaded. Tonight we’ve posted samples of these two songs: “Wayside” and “Ring That Bell” on the band website music page, and perhaps I’ll start posting them here in the blog, as well. They’re under a minute long […]

How to Remember Your Dreams

Since it’s common knowledge that I’m very “big” on dreaming, I get a lot of questions about dreams. Seems like every week somebody emails me to ask about remembering dreams, or lucid dreaming – or even to ask me to interpret a dream they’ve had! (nope, can’t do it, sorry!) So I thought I’d outline […]

The Oracle

The other night we were playing this new one that has such a great groove to it; it feels so sultry, laid back, and kinda dark, yet (like all our tunes) still fun of course. As soon as I heard the riff this dream scene came back to me and became the beginning lyrical lines. […]

Mixing the latest tunes

Wanted to post a bit of an update on the mixing. My first thoughts are that all three new tunes came out quite cool, the tracks are great. This recording has taken a bit of time, but its been worth it, and we’re pretty happy with it. However, I’d really like to enchant up the […]

Monday & Tuesday Night in the Studio

Whew! We’ve finished the vocals and harmonies, and did a rough mix tonight of “Ring that Bell.” As always happens, we’ll need to listen tomorrow with fresh ears and make some adjustments. These 3:00AM mixes have their own personalities 😀 and often need to be tweaked a bit later.

Saturday Night at the Studio

Last night we recorded the basic tracks for the final three songs in this project. As always, we had great fun in the studio, and Ben the engineer was really good at getting the sounds. He’s easy to work with, a night owl like us – and it was just so nice not to have […]