Living gently with gratitude even when life is harsh

Someone recently asked me how to live with grace when the world feels like it is “spinning out of control”.  How do you calm the craziness of an overactive mind and just have peace? There are all kinds of things we can do to stay centered and tuned into the Silent Center… but nobody said […]

Cross Posting

From time to time, I’m cross-posting stuff from my main consciousnesses counseling and sound healing site, Harmony Intuitive. So mixed in with a bunch of stuff about music are snippets of wisdom or musings on this or that.  If you want to see a bunch of my fave quotes and memes, you might enjoy visiting […]

Self knowledge

  How many times have you faced challenges that, in retrospect, handed you the keys to the greatest gift of all: understanding yourself?  For it’s easy to be kind, positive, compassionate and centered when everything is flowing along nicely, isn’t it?  But it’s the challenges in life that really show us our own strengths and […]

If you really need help…

Some of my sister “spiritual consultants” don’t believe in giving discounts but of any kind.  I’ve been told that we should embrace abundance and that it devalues our work to discount it.  And it does prove to be a truth that readings or sessions for “free’ somehow don’t hold as much value for people, so […]

New Sound Healing Recordings Coming…

I’ve had an idea for my clients who aren’t close enough to get in-person sound and energy work – we’ll do a song for each of the 7 main Chakras, done in the corresponding key for each.  I think it’ll be great fun, and hopefully will carry all the energy of an in-person toning session.

Psychanaut at Brew Station Summer turns to Fall

For those of you who were there, you know we played some  crazy shows at the Brew Station this summer…June, July, and August.  And it was hot.  One of the shows happened to fall on a 104 degree day that seemed to hardly cool down for the show at night.  I performed barefoot — it was just […]