“Arriving” Turned out to be wonderful…

..For an entirely different reason than first intended.  And now it makes sense. Usually I don’t tell many personal stories. I’m just not one of those people whose facebook feed shows a bunch of photos of  my latest meals or family, or personal posts about everyday life. But I want to share something that happened […]

June 8th World Ocean Day – Meeting this Tuesday

There are meetings this Tuesday June 8th – World Oceans Day -  for caring people to get together and brainstorm more ideas to help out with the BP Gulf Oil Disaster and make real change.  The Eugene Oregon meeting is at 8PM – you can get the details here: :http://www.meetup.com/HuffPostGreen/4071/ To find a meetup in […]

New lyrics posted

I’ve begun updating the lyrics page at scarletjinn.com/lyrics.html – having added some songs such as Circus that we don’t do often enough at the live shows.  I have been quite remiss in adding to that page and I’m attempting to correct that.  There are probably 5-6 songs that weren’t posted there before, and more to  […]

Rehearsal and appreciation…

Last night we had rehearsal, running thru songs for the show on Saturday night at Happy Hours, and changing up the sets a bit. It appears that we might also record that show, so if you’re there… the more noise the better! 🙂


Isn’t is great to meet kindred spirits? And often without even knowing it they inspire you or even change your life with just a few words. Sometimes they’re authors, or musicians, and for me, lots of times it’s YOU, your comments, thoughts, your presence at a show. Today I received a really kind message from […]

More music from an “empty” house…

We’ve spent a few more evenings in the “empty” (and slightly haunted) house working on more recordings. What a great way to close out 07 and Welcome in 2008! So now we’ve got another version of Mushroom Sky and also these: Standing in Your Light Shadow Play Agents of Change Whatcha Do Of course now […]

Saturday Night at the Studio

Last night we recorded the basic tracks for the final three songs in this project. As always, we had great fun in the studio, and Ben the engineer was really good at getting the sounds. He’s easy to work with, a night owl like us – and it was just so nice not to have […]

Marmalade Moonlight

Tonight I re-did the vocals on Marmalade Moonlight (they’d had noise on the track the first time). It’s a fun song, based upon events that one sometimes stumbles into: a bacchanal gathering in an enchanted wood.

The Story of Wizard and the Gypsy

The Wizard’s Story I was living in LA again, recording with my project at the time called Psychedelic Gypsy. I had a deal with this studio in Hollywood to use their off hours, generally starting after midnight, and often had to wait for the previous session to end. I’d go get some tea at a […]