Update on the songs pages

If you’re here because of my bands, you will notice that I’ve changed some of the tunes available in the “originals” section.  A while back the site crashed and lost a bunch of stuff, so I’m slowly going through songs and posting some of my faves first.  I’ll be uploading a batch of oldies and […]

It has begun…

I’ve started to post 30 second samples of some of the cover tunes in our sets. They can be found in the “Covers” page under the “Music” tab.

CDBaby – songs are up!

Yay!  Several of the songs have now been posted to CDBaby ~ this means you can listen to them and/or get them on our website at http://www.psychanaut.com , our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/Psychanaut , and i-tunes, Amazon, etc.  Right now, I was able to configure the “widget” to play each entire song on the facebook […]