Isn’t is great to meet kindred spirits? And often without even knowing it they inspire you or even change your life with just a few words. Sometimes they’re authors, or musicians, and for me, lots of times it’s YOU, your comments, thoughts, your presence at a show. Today I received a really kind message from […]

Consciousness and Music

As a songwriter and performer, I’m interested in both sound and its effects upon human consciousness. “Rock” is a huge musical category, with tons of sub categories. “Doom” for instance, activates a much different consciousness level than a band that has the potential to activate awareness through their art -“Yes” and “Rush” being prime examples. […]

Would You Do it All Again?

We’ve been having writing sessions almost every week and they’ve produced some very cool tunes… none that have been recorded yet (except as very rough live versions). I’m really pleased with them…and looking forward to getting these newer tunes completed and into the sets, and eventually recorded for your downloading. Once the 15 or so […]