A new decision for the songs…

The streets of Eugene seemed oddly empty tonight… and there was a strange heaviness in the air – with clouds blanketing the sky yet refusing to release their rain. It was almost as if the entire night were holding it’s breath… waiting…

update on recording, mixing and writing

Weather slowed down some of the outdoor video – rain and threats of rain postponed our short hike to the second magickal location we want to use. But we’re using this time to mix; and I believe we’ll have a new tune posted really soon.  Meanwhile, I’m posting a new  recent photo  just to fill […]

Shooting video and preparing tracks for final mixing

The last couple of nights we’ve been shooting a bit of video, and it’s quite fun. We were looking for just the right lighting in the evenings – the golden hour. We’d decided to add a bit of theme footage to tie together all the live footage we have – to capture the essence of […]

Vocal Effects for Marmalade Moonlight

I wanted to post a little bit about the mixing to illustrate what’s going on with it – knowing so many people are waiting for the next song to be released, hopefully this will give you an idea of how it’s coming.

Love Songs and More…

In the 06-24-07 post, I listed 5 of your questions – I’ll address the last two here. Do I ever write love songs? Well, on one level I suppose they’re all love songs!