Sounding Good

I know some of you have been jonesing for another gig, so I wanted to give you an update on the newest project – so far, it’s sounding really good.  You’ll probably be surprised at the new lineup.  To be honest, I wasn’t sure it would work –  but I do find that sometimes it’s […]

Updating the site

So I’m updating the website, as several changes are afoot.  Moving to an entirely WP format means that the large old site will be in disarray for awhile…and it appears as though many of the images from the blog did not carry over in the update.   Aaugh!

Cover Project

Well,  some of us musicians have teamed up to expand into a new project that will focus primarily on cover tunes.  We’ve got four strong sets of material, some of which you’ve heard performed with Rock Scarlet or Psychanaut, and some that you may have heard if you’ve attended parties or special events where I’ve […]