A funny thing happened on the way to the show…

Last Friday, we had that show booked at Goodfellas.  That day, Richie called and said that he’d booked a flight leaving at 5AM, and couldn’t do the show since we’d be playing till 2AM.  Uh oh!  Well, we wouldn’t cancel a show with that short of notice (unless we were deathly ill or worse).  No […]

Rock Scarlet show at Goodfellas this Friday 13th

Here’s the poster for Friday’s show… hope to see you there!   We’ve had to  cancel the Nov 21st show, so this is our only November show.  We’ll be looking for YOU. Oh, and check out the previous post if you’re interested in Friday the13th original  tradition of good luck and love!

Friday the 13th – a day of luck and love

It always strikes me as odd that most of us don’t even know the origins of everyday words that we all use, much less the origins of holidays and supposedly “bad luck” numbers, items, and days.   Most people are unaware that each day of the week is named for an ancient God or Goddess sacred […]