Glitch in the mix (temporary)

OK, a bit of a glitch in that Ben’s equipment wasn’t able to read the wav files on the CD. Sooo, I ran home and burned it to a DVD but still no go.  That was a puzzle, as we share wav files between computer studios all the time.

New song mixing this week; multimedia project updates

Ah, this life is too short isn’t it? We have all been so busy and the time just flies by. Sometimes you just gotta – stop – and breathe.. .get a fresh perspective, and follow your bliss. 🙂 So, with that mindset and a smile, we expect to complete mixing another song Tuesday night at […]


Just a quick note that all the copyrighted lyrics are posted here now. We may take them off of and just have them here, (easier to keep everything current). Somebody said this week that the lyrics feel more powerful when I sing them than when they’re read.   To this I’d reply: cool, then […]

Your Creativity is Wanted – The Vision Gets Bigger!

Wow! I wanted to thank everybody who responded so far to my recent post with the wish list of our expanded team. The emails and messages are very cool…You guys are the best! And now the idea is expanding and overflowing…bit by bit… where is it going? What I’m actually envisioning is something bigger than […]