Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice marks the date of the longest night and the shortest day.  From now until Summer Solstice we get a few seconds more of daylight each day.  Thus it’s also the traditional time of new beginnings.  Rather than wait till January 1st, this is the time for renewal, and new beginnings. It’s appropriate that […]

Psychanaut logo

The new logo was developed by artist Todd Bradford.  Working with Todd was really a delight, and he’s so intuitive that he totally got what I wanted really easily. We’re in the studio for the rest of the season…but look for the new logo at the next show!

My vision for Psychanaut

Psychanaut is firstly the name of the recording project we’re working on -  it incorporates a few songs I’ve written alone and a lot of songs co-written with Brian.  These tunes were recorded by musicians in Rock Scarlet, as well as with other musicians, and all have a similar theme. It’s the theme of the […]

This Saturday Dec 19th Show at Happy Hours

This Saturday “not yet Psychanaut” will be playing at Happy Hours from 8-12!  Brian, Daemon and I will be performing with rhythm section provided by Axel Fleming and Joel Root. We’ll perform some stuff on acoustic guitars, some on electric, and some blended tunes with a bit of both.  Brian will do some slide guitar […]