Riding the Wheel (again)

This fall is/was amazing, as we wound down the last shows and are taking the winter off.  I’m excited to spend the time nurturing creativity… and tucking away the garden for the year.  Next up will be more recordings.  Yay!  Sometimes the gigs keep us out of writing mode, and especially out of recording mode, and I’m feeling like its time for some new tunes to emerge.

I can’t say what comes next.  Time keeps speeding up, as everybody seems to know.  But rest assured, something magickal is percolating.  It may need to brew awhile.

Riding the Wheel, one more time…

Psychanaut at Brew Station Summer turns to Fall

For those of you who were there, you know we played some  crazy shows at the Brew Station this summer…June, July, and August.  And it was hot.  One of the shows happened to fall on a 104 degree day that seemed to hardly cool down for the show at night.  I performed barefoot — it was just too hot for shoes!  The show must go on, no matter what the weather, eh?  But you guys crowded the place and made it fun, so thank you!

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Brew Station Again June 26

Yes indeed, shortly after Summer Solstice we’ll be playing the BrewStation again.  And yes indeed, we’ll be looking for you.  Looking  forward to playing for that awesome crowd that always make these gigs such fun — especially YOU. 🙂




I love this because it reminds me again: some of you are those people.

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Being Uniquely You

The longer I’m on the planet…the less I give a sh*t about what people think.  Don’t get me wrong,  I really, truly care about people’s feelings;  if anything, some of you would probably say that I’ve got an overabundance of empathy.  So why would I say that I don’t care about people’s opinions?

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Musicians, Vibrations, and Roses


Those of you who know me are aware that I’m always ready to see the best in my fellow humans. This experience of being human can be hard, and people get wounded along the way. We’re all a mixed bag of delightful and dysfunctional. Its part of what makes us each unique – our individual paths leave imprints: the same childhood situation can make one person whimsical and another depressed. That quote is really true:It’s not what happens to us as much as it is how we react to what happens to us.

So, of course, we’re all unique. As for me, I love the creative process, and what I really want is to create together with others who are on somewhat similar vibration. There’s nothing like the sense of oneness and flow and magick when playing with others in a similar energy! And there’s nothing more draining than doing music without that similar vibe.

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And Freedom Tastes of Reality

We’ve done our last show with the Big Love Band, and I’m delighted to move beyond that phase. I awoke the day after the show with such a sense of joy and freedom that reminded me that it’s always best to follow our hearts,

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Show coming up Nov 15

Nov 15 Happy Hours

Nov 15 Happy Hours

The Big Love Band is returning to Happy Hours on Friday Nov 15th.  With the members knowing so many different songs, it is quite the amusing task to formulate the song list for a basic rock show.  Everybody has their fave tunes, and we like to make all of the players happy at least some of the time. This is a collection of people with…er, “diverse” tastes. 🙂

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New “Professional” Bio

Do you want to know who I am, or just what I’ve done?  Who are YOU?  Is it all about the roles we play?  WFT?!?  Here we are, animated stardust, having taken shape as a planet and various lifeforms, and eventually having the ability to stand and look out into the night sky -across space/time, into the past, to see Ourselves.  It’s f*cking amazing!  And that’s the mindset I like to live in.  It’s a BIG consciousness, somehow temporarily sitting in this one tiny human form.

And now,  I’m told I have to have a “bio”.  Really?

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Full Moon Show Tonight

Big Love Band will be at Happy Hours tonight!  The guys and I will be looking for YOU!

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See you tonight…♥