October 2007

Thanks for all the comments

I’ve promoted the blog and music a bit here and there, and suddenly new visitors are coming on board – all at once I’m getting emails announcing new readers and comments – I just want to thank everyone. We rehearsed tonight and now afterwards I see these really nice comments.

Although we play for love of playing, you guys are the reason we perform, record, post, and shoot video. We love you!:-)

Mixing and Editing and Writing Oh MY!

We’ve been working on a lot of new tunes with James on bass – and it’s just been a rather organic flow, he’s bringing something special to the project. He played with us at Cresfest and altho he’d only rehearsed with us a couple of times at that date, he did a great job.   While Mike is still with us, James  has the time to work on new tunes…and his enthusiasm is really refreshing.

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Upcoming show in Portland

We got a call from Crenshaw (Garden of Eden) to play with them at the Roseland in Portland Friday November 30th. It was a blast last time we played with them, and it’s a very cool venue … So, we’ll see you guys up there!

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Progress report

Progress report…

We’ve added some wonderful new people to our “team” and are brainstorming quite a bit, letting the vibe of the songs lead into some very cool and different production ideas. In addition, on a whim I redid the lead vocal for Wizard and captured something I liked better than the original vocal. What a surprise!

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