October 2008

Next Couple of Gigs in November 08

Well, we’re headed into the studio for All Hallow’s Eve weekend – in keeping with our ever joyful and somewhat spacy mojo. 🙂 . If you remember, our last recording session was in the slightly haunted house down in Cottage Grove. So it’s entirely appropriate that we’re recording on this wonderfully mystical and fun weekend… but the following weekend, NEW DATE:Friday November 7th, look for us at Goodfellas in Springfield.

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Pre Production for more recording

The next couple of weeks we are doing a bit of pre-production for going into Gung Ho Studios. As always, it’ll be a blast, and we’re looking forward to working/playing with Lav the engineer.    Anyway, Lav has come to several shows and is excited to work with us, too. (Yeah, it’ll be really fun!) We have a huge body of work awaiting recording, and we’re very happy to have the opportunity to get a few more songs out.

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