November 2008

This Friday’s Show November 14 2008

Wanted to remind everybody to come out this Friday night November 14th to Goodfellas – we’ll be playing four sets of all your fave Scarlet tunes and some choice remakes.  Expect it to get loose and crazy since we have all night to tear it up!

Goodfellas show poster 11-14-08

Goodfellas show poster 11-14-08

There’s no cover charge – so bring a bunch of friends and party for free with us.  We’ll be looking for YOU!  Directions below…

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New date and time for this weekend’s gig

OK, last minute changes! We’re now playing tomorrow, Friday November 7th at Goodfellas in Springfield. And we’re going on first – at 9:00 PM. We’ll play till 11, and then Avid will be up afterwards.

Come on out and celebrate with us – we’re looking forward to seeing YOU!

A few photos from Gung Ho Studio

We’ve taken a few photos at the studio, plus some video. Below are a few of the pics:
scarlet, gung ho, nov 2008

Doing the lead vocals on the enchanting C-24 mic.

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Yesterday at the studio I began a post with the words “the whole world holds its breath…”  Although I generally avoid politics on this blog, this incredible opportunity for change seems to warrant comment.

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The whole world holds its breath

The whole world holds its breath until after Nov 4th. the question upon all our minds is this: Will we finally move forward and turn our back on the old way of living? An increaing number of us are aware that the old focus upon fear, driven by selfishness and greed – simply do not work. We choose Life.

How much will the corporate controllers allow?  And how long until we move beyond them?

The insane agression and divisiveness of the past 8 years have torn not only the country, but the entire world apart. In spite of the entrenched corporate/miitary/government forces still working to keep citizens dumbed down, hostile and fearful – will enough of us choose change, choose Life?

I believe we will…now its a matter of will enough of the privately owned voting machines actually record the true votes of the people? Will the forces of negativity disenfranchise hundreds of thousand of votes as they have the past two elections? Against this backdrop it might seem naive to believe that change is here…but I do. I feel it in the air… it’s everywhere.

At Gung Ho Studios Eugene Oregon


I’m writing this from the studio: we’re working with Lav the engineer. Wow! He’s fast, intuitive, inspired, and fun to be with. Having been in a lot of studios, I can attest that the engineer’s energy can really make a difference! We’ve just captured the basic tracks thus far.  As the mix develops, I’ll post more. 🙂