May 2009

Blue Pearl chorus

To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower Hold infinity in the palms of your hand and eternity in an hour. –William Blake

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Next show, Friday May 29 Happy Hours

Next show is at Happy Hours in Eugene.  Here’s the poster (click to enlarge)


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Rehearsal and updates

Last Wednesday we had a great rehearsal; we’re working up a bunch of new tunes, rearranging bits and getting them ready to perform and record.  We’d skipped last week, and we’ll skip this upcoming week too… so it was important to really get a bunch done in the time we had together.  It was great to smooth out some of the rough spots in songs like Egypt Eyes.  We’ve dropped the metal style bridge in favor of a more Egyptian, airy, haunting bridge – the song finally feels right!

We’re also working on studio overdubs for a bunch of songs – there’s two or perhaps 3 CDs worth here recorded or partially recorded, and we really need to buckle down and get them done.  Meanwhile, Brian  came up with some new riffs and new songs are happening, too…  so we’re busy both in the writing energy as well as the recording.

No shows in the next upcoming weeks, we’re hoping to use this time to get some of this stuff done.  And it’s also spring, and all the great springtime emerald valley things are happening – flowers, gardening, sunshine, spring rain, walking, biking… I like to take time to be very “present” in the moment and not take anything for granted; it’s an ongoing challenge to keep my mind on the activity at hand and not always be thinking of all the stuff that needs doing.   But the songs are just running through my mind all the time, new and established tunes… there’s a music traffic jam in  there clamoring for attention.:-)