December 2009

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice marks the date of the longest night and the shortest day.  From now until Summer Solstice we get a few seconds more of daylight each day.  Thus it’s also the traditional time of new beginnings.  Rather than wait till January 1st, this is the time for renewal, and new beginnings.

It’s appropriate that today I’m beginning to look forward to Psychanaut as a new beginning for our music…although it could also be considered a continuation of Rock Scarlet, and in reality, all the bands I’ve sung my songs with.  (Whoa, that goes back sooo far!) LOL.

With the same guitars and vocals and the same writing, lots will stay the same.  What I’m wanting with Psychanaut is the pro players with ability to rock as hard as RS, but also the skills to know when to make space & create moods.  I’m excited to let more songs finally see the light of day with Psychanaut.

What I’m also looking for is players with soul and who get the vision and vibe of what the music is about.  Until the right people come along, we’ll most likely have a few new faces come and go.  But the songwriting, vocals, and front people are still the same.

Oh, Yeah!

Psychanaut logo


The new logo was developed by artist Todd Bradford.  Working with Todd was really a delight, and he’s so intuitive that he totally got what I wanted really easily.

We’re in the studio for the rest of the season…but look for the new logo at the next show!

My vision for Psychanaut

Psychanaut is firstly the name of the recording project we’re working on -  it incorporates a few songs I’ve written alone and a lot of songs co-written with Brian.  These tunes were recorded by musicians in Rock Scarlet, as well as with other musicians, and all have a similar theme.

It’s the theme of the songs that’s lead me to explore some ideas outside of putting out just another recording.  I do want to make the songs available individually, but even more importantly,  I am hoping to create a fun audio/visual experience for the website that will be like a simplified video game, with atmospheres that change with each song.  It’s a rather ambitious project, and it’s beyond my current programming abilities, so I’m going to need some help with it – but the current batch of songs are all written, many are recorded, and I’ve created a detailed outline of how it should be developed. 

We’ll be re-mixing many of your favorite songs this winter, as well completing as some new ones.

At this time, it feels like Psychanaut is the vehicle that will allow me the most creative expression – and what I’m hoping for is for this project to be a vehicle for the other musicians too, more than we’ve seen in the past.

Many of my lyrics are telling different parts of the same story – so this idea would allow them to be a part of a visual/audio experience.  I’ve wanted to do a rock opera, like The Wall or Tommy, and that idea has morphed into this online one.  But first the songs need to be finished. 

So with that portion in mind, Brian and I are going to spend a lot of time this Winter in the studio getting the recorded songs finished and recording some new ones.   We’ll be posting them as they are completed.

Next, my vision for the live version of Psychanaut will be a project that has the ability to rock as hard as Rock Scarlet, but the skill and finesse to bring the noise level way down for acoustic songs with minimal, very tasty accompaniment (or no accompaniment at all on some songs!)  – And the talent to perform a much more dynamic, creative, varied show. 

This means we’re looking for musicians that are very skilled, dedicated, and musically flexible.  This will probably mean a pretty high turnover in players as we look for the right people. I’m really excited that this project will have the ability to perform some of my Celtic rock tunes like High Roads, as well as do justice to eclectic songs like Egypt Eyes – plus some of the more progressive styles that weren’t possible with the old lineup.  There are so many original songs we could not perform with Rock Scarlet that Psychanaut will do – given the right players.

I’m looking forward to featuring new players in the upcoming tunes and performances.

(Rock Scarlet will be on hiatus the rest of the Winter.)

So for now, it’s back into the studio on these chilly nights!  🙂

This Saturday Dec 19th Show at Happy Hours

This Saturday “not yet Psychanaut” will be playing at Happy Hours from 8-12!  Brian, Daemon and I will be performing with rhythm section provided by Axel Fleming and Joel Root.

We’ll perform some stuff on acoustic guitars, some on electric, and some blended tunes with a bit of both.  Brian will do some slide guitar work as well. 

The collection of players for this show is a rather loose confederation brought together by synchronicity rather than design!  There may eventually be a keyboardist, and backing members may change as we find the right fit.  Axel and Joel don’t know all of the original material, so just  for this show we’ll be playing some extra covers/remakes, including some stuff you’ve requested over the years.

That means that I’ll sing a Heart tune and a Stevie Nicks song, and maybe even a bit of Tina Turner, as well as some Van Halen and other rock stuff that we’ve done in Rock Scarlet.  Daemon and I will do a duet on Battle of Evermore and a unique presentation of Breathe by Pink Floyd… and more. 

Due to the newness factor and holiday season minimal rehearsal  time, we did not make fliers or advertise this show (we’re still pondering whether to send out an email to the list)  so for those of you who happen to come out, this should be a rather unique show…a “secret show” of sorts.

Let’s see what happens and have some fun!