Producing Arriving

The song “Arriving” has rarely been performed live yet, and even rarely played in rehearsal, so it’s been a bit nebulous to record.  It really needed big harmonies, which we didn’t have in Rock Scarlet, and I’m hoping to add extra background singers with Psychanaut to perform this one live. 

the song is a bit laid back in energy, kind of hypnotic and spacy.  Initially we recorded very basic tracks for it, to allow us to develop it’s energy and see where it takes us.   The drums were really simple, no fills or frills, and we used a slide guitar for the lead riff.

I’ve recorded the vocal tracks in almost every style, from big and loud rock to soft and breathy before deciding upon the approach that best suited the song.  Usually I know  right away how I want the vocal, but this tune is unique.  It’s one that really encompasses the hybrid style that is Psychanaut.

We’ve been on this one for several days in a row now.

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