New Energies

Brief update…

Wow, some very cool new energies with the tunes ~ some new musicians and fresh ideas.  There’s a couple of tunes we wrote last year that have gotten an entirely new energy to ‘em.  I’m really liking some of the new directions, even though it may make some of the recordings obsolete.  I love letting the songs just evolve.

“Arriving” is getting (probably) a new name because the hook is different now.    And “Riding the Wheel” got entirely changed, with a new feel that’s just really fun ~ you won’t recognize it from the live show version or the old recordings you’ve heard.  It’s like a new song.

And I’ve overdubbed some very dynamic vocal parts that you can’t normally hear in the live rock shows.  Really pleased with the contrasting bits… can’t wait to hear what you all think!

  more later~