March 2011

Tell a Caterpillar…

Tell a caterpillar it is really a butterfly and it will never believe you! 
~ Daily Guru

Some Thoughts of Consciousness and Religion

For those of us who follow the “Royal Road” of Direct Experience, accounts of other people’s insights, legends, and myth based religions have little appeal.  We may resonate with the person(s) who had the original insights, but we understand that each time someone has a direct experience of consciousness, Oneness, divinity…LIFE, (whatever you choose to  call it) there are inevitably blind followers who create empty rituals and adulterate the original insights.

You can tell how far the followers are from the original vision by the rigidity if their rules and the intensity with which they defend their position.

While Direct Experience is a living thing, followers create religions, which are dead.

Religion clings to the empty cocoon after the butterfly of direct spiritual experience has flown.

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