June 2013

Personnel Changes in Psychanaut

I’ve really loved the harmonies that the guys in Psychanaut sing, and our dear Pirate Pete was an important part of that.  His voice is strong and his pitch is great.  So I’ll really miss that even more than his guitar playing.  And the dual leads he did with Brian were awesome. 

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New Tune…”I See You…See Me”

One recent evening, here on the fourth planet from the Sun,  I heard a band.   As I listened, I was struck by how the vocalist was saying absolutely nothing at all.  No, I’m not exaggerating.  Just seemingly random empty words and phrases, delivered without soul or passion…and the lyrics truly felt hollow.  The music didn’t speak, either.  The band seemed to be speaking of nothing, just an empty sound and a hidden cry to be heard.

An image appeared in my mind of crowds of human beings, busily milling about, loudly talking to themselves, saying nothing of meaning or depth, but instead just chattering  – talking and talking and talking – because they are desperate to be truly heard and seen.  That same chattering, multiplied by countless microphones and cell phones and airwaves.  The sounds of small talk and sales pitches bouncing off our planet and beaming into space.  Is it tragic?  In this amazing, wild, glorious and even terrible time to be alive, do many of us really have nothing of depth or passion to say?  Are we truly reduced to mindless chatter?

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