October 2013

Choosing our thoughts and getting free

I was listening to someone talking about their challanges the other day, and it soon became obvious that each problem was actually based upon a judgement.  Yes, each problem was just a thought – not necessarily reality!  And that got us pondering the myriad of belief systems that we humans have.  Each belief is based upon an idea, or an experience,  or something we were told when we were impressionable little kids.   And these ideas so easily become prisons.

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New “Professional” Bio

Do you want to know who I am, or just what I’ve done?  Who are YOU?  Is it all about the roles we play?  WFT?!?  Here we are, animated stardust, having taken shape as a planet and various lifeforms, and eventually having the ability to stand and look out into the night sky -across space/time, into the past, to see Ourselves.  It’s f*cking amazing!  And that’s the mindset I like to live in.  It’s a BIG consciousness, somehow temporarily sitting in this one tiny human form.

And now,  I’m told I have to have a “bio”.  Really?

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Eugene, OR – 10/18/13 – Happy Hours

Full Moon Show Tonight

Big Love Band will be at Happy Hours tonight!  The guys and I will be looking for YOU!

PS)If you want to be informed about upcoming gigs, etc.  you can LIKE “Scarlet Jinn and the Big Love Band” on facebook, or subscribe to updates here on the blog.   Should I re-start the e-mailing list as well?  Let me know!

Want you picture in the photo gallery and/or the facebook page?  Take lots and upload them to the FB page, or attach ’em to an email if you’re more old school. 🙂

See you tonight…♥

This coming Friday Oct 18 Show at Happy Hours

Scarlet Jinn and the Big Love Band has a show at Happy Hours this Friday, Oct 18th.  9PM-1AM.

Here’s the poster:


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New Facebook Page for Big Love Band

Hey, I finally…finally got ’round to putting a page up.  Now you need to go and “like” it, as it’s brand new and very lonely  🙂


New Big Love Logo

I’ve made a new logo for “Scarlet Jinn & The Big Love Band”  facebook page. What do you think?  Happily, I won’t have to manage this page  – yay!  I’ll post the URL for it here shortly.

Scarlet Jinn and The Big Love Band

Scarlet Jinn and The Big Love Band