Time out

I’ve been offline for a few days working on the computer. Last Friday the motherboard finally gave up the ghost. (Never a good time for that to happen!) Finding and restoring 6 years of stuff…discovering what’s been lost.  We’ve all been there – kinda cut a hole in time, but now it’s back to finishing […]

Riding the Wheel

We’ll be recording this song in the studio on June 2 – 3rd, and the guys and I were discussing the musical arrangement and getting the right energy for it at last rehearsal. We always seem to do this balancing act between power and mystery, and it’s really an ever evolving process that starts with […]

Rehearsal for more recording

Last night we rehearsed with Rock Scarlet, doing three of the tunes: “Wayside”, “Riding the Wheel”, and “Ring That Bell” (formerly Oh Yeah!). For these three, we’re going to a local studio to record and mix them, since the feel of the basic tracks weren’t quite captured in the original sessions. This way, they should […]

Jewel of the Realm

Seems that everyone who’s heard this one has asked about it, so I’ll tell you the short story of this tune. In September 06 Brian gave me a beautiful amethyst pendant necklace, and that night I had an intense dream. A group of us were searching for the pendant, which was named The Jewel of […]

The Story of Wizard and the Gypsy

The Wizard’s Story I was living in LA again, recording with my project at the time called Psychedelic Gypsy. I had a deal with this studio in Hollywood to use their off hours, generally starting after midnight, and often had to wait for the previous session to end. I’d go get some tea at a […]

Wizard and the Gypsy

A few Gremlins in the Machine After wrestling with some technical wiring difficulties, finally it’s time to get back to doing the vocals for these songs! Yay! Seems like the gremlins in the system have been slowing this down a bit, but as the musical project is evolving and changing, it seems obvious that the […]

Between the Worlds

Between the Worlds I’m sure you’ve felt it too…the feeling as if you live “between the worlds”.  As you determine to be ever more genuine in your life, there’s always that pressure to conform to what others expect you to be.  It’s often been a challenge being a rock singer and being somewhat (for lack […]

Ancient History: My First Digital Audio System

Sometime in the mid-nineties I decided to build a computer dedicated to digital recording. No, I’d never built a computer, and no, I’d never really engineered myself or anything. I just had so much music in me and wanted to be self sufficient (or as self sufficient as an artist can be).

More about Life Themes

More Thoughts About Life Themes With artists, you can see the evolution of their life theme as well as their craft by experiencing their art in sequence. And with songwriters, you can easily do the same thing by just listening to their tunes.

Recording Again

Yes, this recording has taken way too long, we started it nearly a year ago! Well, we did basic tracks at that time, and then suddenly summer was upon us and we performed a lot of shows. So busy – and you know how time just dances away when you’re having fun. It’s always the […]