Super fun sounds in recording a few of the covers last night.  The updated sets range from classic rock to rock standards, and include tunes from 60s-current, with a bit of r&b, soul,  and a little hip hop mixed in.  And, yes, we’ve included some of those songs that many of you ask for repeatedly […]

Sounding Good

I know some of you have been jonesing for another gig, so I wanted to give you an update on the newest project – so far, it’s sounding really good.  You’ll probably be surprised at the new lineup.  To be honest, I wasn’t sure it would work –  but I do find that sometimes it’s […]

Updating the site

So I’m updating the website, as several changes are afoot.  Moving to an entirely WP format means that the large old site will be in disarray for awhile…and it appears as though many of the images from the blog did not carry over in the update.   Aaugh!

Cover Project

Well,  some of us musicians have teamed up to expand into a new project that will focus primarily on cover tunes.  We’ve got four strong sets of material, some of which you’ve heard performed with Rock Scarlet or Psychanaut, and some that you may have heard if you’ve attended parties or special events where I’ve […]

Personnel Changes in Psychanaut

I’ve really loved the harmonies that the guys in Psychanaut sing, and our dear Pirate Pete was an important part of that.  His voice is strong and his pitch is great.  So I’ll really miss that even more than his guitar playing.  And the dual leads he did with Brian were awesome. 

New Tune…”I See You…See Me”

One recent evening, here on the fourth planet from the Sun,  I heard a band.   As I listened, I was struck by how the vocalist was saying absolutely nothing at all.  No, I’m not exaggerating.  Just seemingly random empty words and phrases, delivered without soul or passion…and the lyrics truly felt hollow.  The music […]

Zeitgeist Movies

I’m always recommending the Zeitgeist movies, and it just occurred to me that I don’t think I’ve done so on this blog. Why do I recommend them?  Well, if you’re only reading this because you think my bands “rock”,  then it may not interest you, and you might just want to skip this particular post.  […]

Earthling’s Wolves

For those of you who’ve heard the rough mixes of our song, Earthling, you might be wondering why the voices of wolves have been featured in the beginning and ending of the song.

Quick Reminder ~ Sam Bonds Wednesday Sept 19

Technorati Tags: eugene oregon show,sam bonds,Psychanaut,Scarlet Jinn,original rock,Brian Elliott,Ian Finneran,Dr Berd,Spacey Visionary Rock,live performance We’re playing this Wednesday night at Sam Bonds in Eugene.  StackCats made a poster, so I’m adding it here:  Show starts at around 9PM with StackCats, and we’ll follow at about 10ish… The set includes a couple of the newest tunes […]