Where ever you go…

There you are.  I have a dear friend who’s a world traveler, yet he always calls me and says he’s bored.  It’s crazy, bored in Paris, bored in Spain.  So finally I had to mention that quote to him and we had a good laugh! Someone recently asked if I miss California and I guess […]

New Energies

Brief update… Wow, some very cool new energies with the tunes ~ some new musicians and fresh ideas.  There’s a couple of tunes we wrote last year that have gotten an entirely new energy to ‘em.  I’m really liking some of the new directions, even though it may make some of the recordings obsolete.  I […]

Fun Benefit Report

Well we had a great time at the benefit and I hope all of you who were there enjoyed the show.  A gigantic thanks to all the performers, Susana who organized it, and Cozmic for donating the space to make it happen.  We raised more than our goal amount, the raffle and silent auction were […]

Busy busy…random thoughts and upcoming Benefit

Wow, the past couple of weeks have just been crazy as we’ve continued auditions for Psychanaut plus getting our acoustic/electric set ready for the Cozmic Pizza benefit July 29.  Tonight we’re trying out some congas and hand drums which will be an alternate to our normal trap kit for this show.

Benefit for Gulf Wildlife and Bird Rescue Coming Up

We’ve just confirmed a benefit to help raise funds for wildlife and bird rescue in the BP Gulf Oil Disaster.  As you know, I’ve been doing all I can to help out, and what I do best is music…so here it is. July 29th Thursday night at Cosmic Pizza, Psychanaut will be playing, there will […]