The Return of the Muse

Yes – Yes – Yes!  The dreams, songs, & visions are back – and it’s like reuniting with old friends.  Life is good; melodies and lyrics are flowing, and spring equinox is almost here. I’ve been nurturing some heirloom tomato plants, peppers and milkweed to transplant out in the garden with the weather gets warmer; […]

Song Drought

Wow. I have no songs right now… no lyrics.  It’s weird.  And terrible.  I miss them. I had moved into writing some visionary lyrics and melodies, snippets of songs surprising me when I least expected them…more spacy songs, more poetry, more beauty.  Then came the coup of November 2018. But now, nothing — except a […]

Back in the Studio

I’m so excited to get some time off and just enjoying being in the studio.  So many tunes have been waiting to be finished, some are mixed but not mastered, others still need some overdubs…

Musicians, Vibrations, and Roses

Those of you who know me are aware that I’m always ready to see the best in my fellow humans. This experience of being human can be hard, and people get wounded along the way. We’re all a mixed bag of delightful and dysfunctional. Its part of what makes us each unique – our individual […]

Just a thought about creativity

In working/playing in the studio,  It’s easy to forget the actual moment of the song’s original beginning.  The writing and performing flow together into the production, and it feels as though the song always existed…we just give it a form in which to express itself. DaVinci said his sculpting was to free the form from […]

more thoughts on that article and musician’s multi-tasking

this is a bit more on that article at Huffington Post.  One of the reader’s comments contained this nugget: "Can an artist truly develop if they are trying to book all their own shows, market themselves, manage their myspace, facebook, twitter, etc.? When exactly do you have the solitude to write? And who provides the […]

thoughts on YOUR input

Tonight I was reading an article on Huffington Post by John Mellencamp decrying the corporate control of the music business that began in the 80s.  It was a good article,  in which he said something that really touched me: "The artist is here to give the listener the opportunity to dream, a very profound and […]