Show this Friday Night November 30th Roseland, Portland

OK, we’ve been crazy busy and I haven’t posted here in a while, but suddenly this show is upon us – Come on out to the Roseland Grill this Friday Nov 30th! We’ll be going on at 9:00 PM. Plan to have a great time and party with the band…check out our new bassist and […]

What would be an ideal society?

A couple weeks back I received an email from someone who had gotten ahold of a CD or one of our rehearsals. Normally I’d be kind of bummed that a raw rehearsal recording was floating around, but this made me smile. He was really digging the tunes and reading the lyrics online… and he said […]

Thanks for all the comments

I’ve promoted the blog and music a bit here and there, and suddenly new visitors are coming on board – all at once I’m getting emails announcing new readers and comments – I just want to thank everyone. We rehearsed tonight and now afterwards I see these really nice comments. Although we play for love […]

Upcoming show in Portland

We got a call from Crenshaw (Garden of Eden) to play with them at the Roseland in Portland Friday November 30th. It was a blast last time we played with them, and it’s a very cool venue … So, we’ll see you guys up there!

A word about creativity…

Today I got an email asking how to develop creativity…but more than that, they wanted to know – is an artist born, or does artistic ability develop? Can a person consciously develop creativity? Wow! It’s a lot to answer, so I thought I’d turn it into a post and maybe we can discuss it a […]

Creswell show, Cresfest Saturday August 25th

Oh, it’s been many days since I’ve blogged, but I’ve been thinking about it! 🙂 There’s so much going on right now with the mixing and the video, plus playing music with so many great local musicians who’ve been showing up lately wanting to PLAY!

Lammas – full songs being posted on soundclick today

Wow, August first already – since it’s the first of the three Harvest celebrations in Celtic tradition -and also a day to celebrate Crafts and Skills: it seems a fortuitous time to announce that the individual songs are being posted in their entirety on Woo-hoo!

A new decision for the songs…

The streets of Eugene seemed oddly empty tonight… and there was a strange heaviness in the air – with clouds blanketing the sky yet refusing to release their rain. It was almost as if the entire night were holding it’s breath… waiting…