May 2007

Watercolor Day

What if you could see the earth’s history compressed into just one day? Imagine the sun rising in the east, life beginning and changing shapes: plants fill the oceans, followed by fish, animals and birds. Species appear and spread over the land and water, then fade away, being replaced by others. Then human civilizations rise, fall and vanish, and finally the night comes…

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Marmalade Moonlight

Tonight I re-did the vocals on Marmalade Moonlight (they’d had noise on the track the first time). It’s a fun song, based upon events that one sometimes stumbles into: a bacchanal gathering in an enchanted wood.

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Alchemy Waits

Songs appear when we least expect them sometimes – and “Alchemy Waits” is a perfect example of that.

Brian’s always experimenting with different sounds and textures; he’ll often just be tripping with tones when something he’s playing just calls to me. During one of his sound experiments, I started singing to it and it fell into place – although it’s kind of a different style for us. It’s got a bit of a “bayou” feel to it, and there’s some very cool guitar tones on the recording.

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Some ancient moments stars are exploding
And they’re waiting for you
Face on the street and everything that you see
You know they’re waiting for you
Life goes on…
I see places beyond the wayside
I feel life that waits in the dust
I hear music out of the silence
So close your eyes beyond the Wayside

This song has a magick to it that really makes it powerful. I remember when we first played it at a show; it was our first time playing at a new club and the crowd didn’t know us at all. We kicked into the chorus — and they just went wild. Ever since, it’s been one of our most requested songs.

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Recording some of these tunes is like a little window into when they were each written; seeing how they’ve taken on a life of their own as their arrangements evolved is always intriguing. So today I’m thinking about “Tomorrow”.

In the grand scheme of our musical catalog, I’m really pleased with “Tomorrow”. Brian had this beautiful riff and it was one of those times when I could barely jot down the words fast enough as they floated from my lips. The entire song wrote itself quickly, and often these turn out to be my favorites.

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Time out

I’ve been offline for a few days working on the computer. Last Friday the motherboard finally gave up the ghost. (Never a good time for that to happen!) Finding and restoring 6 years of stuff…discovering what’s been lost.  We’ve all been there – kinda cut a hole in time, but now it’s back to finishing the final vocals on these recordings.  Still aiming for mixing in June 😀

So now five days later I’m back online and slowly getting caught up with tons of emails. If you’ve emailed recently, please be patient with me. I will reply to all of your messages!

Riding the Wheel

We’ll be recording this song in the studio on June 2 – 3rd, and the guys and I were discussing the musical arrangement and getting the right energy for it at last rehearsal. We always seem to do this balancing act between power and mystery, and it’s really an ever evolving process that starts with Brian and I working up the basic framework of the song.

So, while I’m thinking about it, here’s just the beginning of the lyrics here first, before they go up on the band website (

Do not go gently into that good night
Rolling like thunder as it moves ‘cross the sky
It’s a velveteen moment it is precious more than gold
Come across to me as the stone rose unfolds
Riding the Wheel one more time…

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Rehearsal for more recording

Last night we rehearsed with Rock Scarlet, doing three of the tunes: “Wayside”, “Riding the Wheel”, and “Ring That Bell” (formerly Oh Yeah!).

For these three, we’re going to a local studio to record and mix them, since the feel of the basic tracks weren’t quite captured in the original sessions. This way, they should be completed just as the other 7 are being mixed this summer – speeding up the process.:-)

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Jewel of the Realm

Seems that everyone who’s heard this one has asked about it, so I’ll tell you the short story of this tune. In September 06 Brian gave me a beautiful amethyst pendant necklace, and that night I had an intense dream.

A group of us were searching for the pendant, which was named The Jewel of the Realm. We searched dark forests and caves and strange cities to no avail. Suddenly the jewel became the moon and as I watched it rise, I knew that the jewel was not a physical jewel at all, but the hidden wisdom of our Universal, real selves.

Ah yes, of course – we searched for ourselves.

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The Story of Wizard and the Gypsy

The Wizard’s Story

I was living in LA again, recording with my project at the time called Psychedelic Gypsy. I had a deal with this studio in Hollywood to use their off hours, generally starting after midnight, and often had to wait for the previous session to end. I’d go get some tea at a cafe nearby, and sometimes take a walk just to enjoy the people who filled Sunset Blvd late at night.

All the dreamers – people who came to LA to find “success” – or their soul – were there. And the haunted ones are all there, too….

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