We Love Benefits

I am grateful for all the energy and love shown to me in our community, and I love to give back by contributing music to benefits.  If you are interested in having one of my bands play at a benefit or event, please use the contact form on this page with your dates and information, and someone will get right back to you. 🙂

Access to P.A. system and lighting system for large indoor or outdoor events negotiable.

(Please note that we prefer to perform PRO something rather than “Anti” something; i.e. Pro Peace rather than Anti-War.)

Here are a few of the types of events I’ve supported in the past and/or would love to participate in:

  • EnvironmentalImagine
  • Wildlife
  • Health care
  • Animal rescue, shelters
  • Democracy, Occupy
  • Reproductive Freedom
  • LGBT issues
  • Public Radio and Television
  • Consciousness or Alternative Events

Please use the contact form to discuss your event.

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