June 2008

Wednesday’s gig

Thanks to all of you who showed up for a mid-week show at Black Forest – wow, we didn’t expect such a big turnout (with no fliers or anything to advertise), what a treat. And it was great to see some of our favorite Eugene people again!

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Black Forest

Title: June 25

Black Forest :
50 E 11th ave
Eugene OR. 97402
Description: mid week early evening show 10-11PM
Start Time: 10:00PM
Date: 2008-06-25

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Is There a New Guy – backline players, fifth wheel, etc.

We’ve been considering adding a fifth member to the Scarlet Project for some time now, but hadn’t yet tried anyone out. Our wish list was long, possibly too long!

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Updating Show Schedule

Well, about the show schedule: we’ve given this some thought, and have reluctantly decided to drop nearly all of the out of town shows (gas prices being what they are – how we’d love to get into an alternative energy source!) So now the schedule is being re-done.

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Singing and Personal Expression

Just a bit about vocal style: Turn on any radio and you’ll hear a lot of different vocal styles. There’s styles by genre and then there’s personal style. I once gave a workshop that focused on singing as both a meditation and also as personal expression…so a comment I heard by vocalist K.D. Lang recently caught my ear.

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