Isn’t is great to meet kindred spirits? And often without even knowing it they inspire you or even change your life with just a few words. Sometimes they’re authors, or musicians, and for me, lots of times it’s YOU, your comments, thoughts, your presence at a show. Today I received a really kind message from a guy called the Buddha on myspace who has some great videos and thoughts on his page there. He said “Nietzsche proposed that a man must live his life as if it were a work of art. That’s wonderful advice, and it seems you’re doing just that! Keep making your beautiful music!”

He’s posted some very cool youtube videos of Terence McKenna and Alan Watts, and it reminded me of  a time when I was going through some very nasty music business legal stuff in LA,  I attended a weekend psychedelic conference in Ojai.  I met some of the most centered and brilliant people there – professors, philosophers, artists, musicians…I felt like I’d come home.  And after his lecture, Terence spoke with me and urged me to put more of my consciousness perceptions into my music, to just put it out there, rather than being so subtle as I’d been doing. He said that “when you have such a gift, you must share it“.

The man was really amazing and inspiring, yet really down to earth. You might want to see some of his talks on youtube, or check out the ones on Buddah’s MySpace page.  🙂

So just that weekend opened up my songwriting.  And just a kind comment from a guy on MySpace brought a big smile to my face and inspired this blog entry.   And I hope when I see you or respond to your email and tell you how much your energy means to us all, that you know it’s true and that it makes you happy.  Cuz it’s all about connections, isn’t it?

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  1. i noticed right away how how U took the time after the show to meet everyone and talk to them. that’s so different from a lot of performers who are in it only for their own ego. warmth can be felt by the audience, and you can tell you’re sincere.

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