Back in the Studio

I’m so excited to get some time off and just enjoying being in the studio.  So many tunes have been waiting to be finished, some are mixed but not mastered, others still need some overdubs…

When life gets too busy, either lots of shows or just, you know, stuff, the creative processes sometimes get blocked.  I can’t stand when that happens.

Having some ideas for new sounds…. and that’s a great thing!

You know the creative flow can be a fickle thing.  I once had some investors who demanded that I write a certain amount of songs per month.  Well, my band and I were on salary (this was aeons ago) and the figured they wanted their money’s worth.  I tried to explain that good songs, for me, just come when they come – sometimes I might get several at once, other times there’s a dry spell and that’s just how it is.  I would tell them that inspiration can’t be  forced.

On the other hand, I remember when a musician challenged himself to write a little short song every day for a year.  Most weren’t very good, but some were really cool.  That’s discipline, I guess!  But for me, I like to just let things happen.

So getting a bit of time is exactly perfect right now.

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