Unity is Beautiful!

Wow. We are Unified and it is awesome!  Were you there at your local Women’s March?  Did you  feel the amazing empowering energy and love?  Did see the vast numbers of your fellow good, loving human beings who came out  yesterday?  The LOVE was Amazing!

More than 3 MILLION people came out, world-wide. At least 500,000 people in Washington, DC. 600 sister-cities marched in solidarity with Washington.  So many of us…  It feels like this day restored our souls. 

My little town had 10,000 people standing together.  Tears of joy sprang to my eyes as I took in the site of all my neighbors standing, united, for progress, love, equality, and against fascism.  I am in awe.

This.  This is what shows us who we are.  Faced with a hostile takeover of our government, an authoritarian state, an unprecedented assault on our planet’s ecosystem, turning back the clock on civil rights and women’s rights, and attempts to divide and distract us by race and religion…we will not accept what the illegitimate administration tries to push on us.  Instead, we came together in LOVE and solidarity.

Unity. Equality. Progress.

Perhaps out of this nightmare we’ll finally build a civilization built on justice, equality, and reverence for our planet.  Perhaps out of ashes rises the Phoenix.


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