If you really need help…

Some of my sister “spiritual consultants” don’t believe in giving discounts but of any kind.  I’ve been told that we should embrace abundance and that it devalues our work to discount it.  And it does prove to be a truth that readings or sessions for “free’ somehow don’t hold as much value for people, so there’s a conundrum there.  Yet,  I love the idea of the gift economy!  And I know that sometimes this unhealthy society can tax us…  and the current realities in the third dimension (both political and environmental) have brought to my door more people with anxiety and confusion than I’m used to.

I’m not one to simply turn people away who don’t have the money to pay a full rate.  Part of my roll as a consciousness consultant and sound healer is to be of help, and how can we help each other if we always attach a dollar amount to our work?  I would contend that energy should flow freely…and that’s the reason for this offer.

I am available on a somewhat limited basis for discounted sessions. Skype sessions are best for this kind of offer.  If you’re needing a reading, we can do that.  You’ll need to contact me and we’ll talk a bit to decide if this option will work for you.  I’ll need you to pay “something” because my own debtors won’t accept a song or a reading!

I’d most love to be doing music and sound healing, but these feel best in person.  However, I have done sound healing at a distance; and we can do that if it feels  right.

Because we all need to remain present for one another, right?  Text me and we’ll see what we can do.

In Love…

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