The Story of Wizard and the Gypsy

The Wizard’s Story

I was living in LA again, recording with my project at the time called Psychedelic Gypsy. I had a deal with this studio in Hollywood to use their off hours, generally starting after midnight, and often had to wait for the previous session to end. I’d go get some tea at a cafe nearby, and sometimes take a walk just to enjoy the people who filled Sunset Blvd late at night.

All the dreamers – people who came to LA to find “success” – or their soul – were there. And the haunted ones are all there, too….

It was one one of these nights that I encountered a stranger who fit into both categories. He’d come to LA in pursuit of his musical dream – but he was also haunted by a vision.

He abruptly asked me what I knew about past lives. I replied “Well I have some ideas, but I can’t pretend to ‘know’ anything for sure while I’m here in the third dimension.”

He ripped open his shirt to reveal a large wizard tattooed upon his chest. He was a rock drummer, not a metaphysical “space out” person, he explained, but he couldn’t shake the feeling that he had been – and was supposed to be – a wizard. He needed to know about mystery, visions, magick…all the secrets of the Universe. And he wanted me to tell him what I knew…

He was an intense guy.

I awoke the next day with the complete song written while I slept.

Well he comes like a comet shooting into the sun
He’s a mighty wizard and he knows he’s the one
A viking warrior with the sky for eyes
and he comes to me to make him fly
And the wizard and the gypsy made the sun rise
bending space and twisting time
And the wizard and the gypsy made the sun rise
Everything lives in your mind…

I think the recording really works, can’t wait to have it mixed! Let me know what you think when it’s posted.

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  1. These are some powerful lyrics!!! What can make or break a good lyric is subjectiveness, and the art to trandsend. Without the story that Scarlet provided, this lyric can still hold various meanings, and therefore relate to almost anyone. Yet, hearing the actual inspiration opens us to a vivid picture of “magic moments”, yet does not clutter the reader with limited interpretations. You have succeeded on both levels!! Congrats!! I LOVE it, intensely and immensely !!!!

  2. One of the best songs ever wrote. Almost too good, I suspect devine inspiration. whatever the case may be, it’s truly an honor to be on the receiving end of such a powerfull gift. Much thanks to all involved.

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