Jewel of the Realm

Seems that everyone who’s heard this one has asked about it, so I’ll tell you the short story of this tune. In September 06 Brian gave me a beautiful amethyst pendant necklace, and that night I had an intense dream.

A group of us were searching for the pendant, which was named The Jewel of the Realm. We searched dark forests and caves and strange cities to no avail. Suddenly the jewel became the moon and as I watched it rise, I knew that the jewel was not a physical jewel at all, but the hidden wisdom of our Universal, real selves.

Ah yes, of course – we searched for ourselves.

I awoke in the night just after the dream and scratched down the lyrics in the darkness, and the next day asked Brian to co-write it with me. He’s a fountain of musical riffs and sounds, and writing with him is just a dream come true. He totally “got” the vibe of it, and the song quickly took shape. Here’s the begining lines:

We set out to find the jewel of the realm
Knowing not just what we seek
Would it be silver with stones of scarlet
Or purple fit only for kings?

This next batch of new songs are perhaps more dynamic – more eclectic, and I’m super excited to record them as soon as we’ve completed these songs. I’m really pleased with the catalog of tunes that Brian and I have already amassed, and happily, they just keep coming. (Gotta love the chemistry when it’s happening!)

Expect to hear it recorded once this current batch is finished. The next batch will be completed faster!

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