Riding the Wheel

We’ll be recording this song in the studio on June 2 – 3rd, and the guys and I were discussing the musical arrangement and getting the right energy for it at last rehearsal. We always seem to do this balancing act between power and mystery, and it’s really an ever evolving process that starts with Brian and I working up the basic framework of the song.

So, while I’m thinking about it, here’s just the beginning of the lyrics here first, before they go up on the band website (rockscarlet.com).

Do not go gently into that good night
Rolling like thunder as it moves ‘cross the sky
It’s a velveteen moment it is precious more than gold
Come across to me as the stone rose unfolds
Riding the Wheel one more time…

Because of course feeling the vibe is just as important as hearing the music.

This song’s chorus took some time lyrically, although the verses just flowed easy and quick. So in some ways this was atypical of many of the tunes.

For me, to labor over a song doesn’t result in a better song, so I tend to just wait for the missing bits to come. With this one, I sang the verses over and over before I went to sleep and waited for the chorus to come in dreams. I waited for a couple of months, singing this song with just a mumbled fake chorus in rehearsals. Until finally, there they were in my head, and they’re so simple! A child could have written this chorus.:-)

The bass and drums have evolved each time we’ve played it, it’s been a bit of a shape shifter! I wanted to share the fact that this tune has taken it’s sweet time to blossom, because so many others have been quick – each one is it’s own entity.  The arrangement is still evolving too, both live and as we prepare to record it.

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