Recording some of these tunes is like a little window into when they were each written; seeing how they’ve taken on a life of their own as their arrangements evolved is always intriguing. So today I’m thinking about “Tomorrow”.

In the grand scheme of our musical catalog, I’m really pleased with “Tomorrow”. Brian had this beautiful riff and it was one of those times when I could barely jot down the words fast enough as they floated from my lips. The entire song wrote itself quickly, and often these turn out to be my favorites.

It’s a bit introspective, with some drama to it. It seems to resonate with people (maybe more than some of my more “out there” visionary lyrics, which require a similar bent of mind I suppose. )

I just love the feel of the music, it’s both powerful and sensitive at the same time.

Singing it is just a delight; it has all the swoops and soaring parts that (as a vocalist) I love to do, plus softer sweet portions – and big rock power vocal parts. Really fun.

“Tomorrow, leading me away from here
So softly whispering in my ear
The difference ‘tween what I am and what I was born to be
Oh that difference is the measure of me…”

I love the lyrics of this song, but the rest is on’s lyric page, so that’s all I need to write for tonight. There’s much to do to get this recording completed, but how cool to do these tunes just for the sheer joy of the sound.

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  1. why don’t you play this one at more shows? I have been waiting to hear it again ever since you played it at luckys.

  2. It depends upon the show. Sometimes we’ll play it if there’s time and the crowd seems up for it, but a lot of times, we keep to our more ballsy rockers. Just call it out to us at the next show – If enough people at shows call for a song, we’ll play it. 🙂
    PS)And we have recorded it, and it’ll be posted within the next few weeks!

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