Some ancient moments stars are exploding
And they’re waiting for you
Face on the street and everything that you see
You know they’re waiting for you
Life goes on…
I see places beyond the wayside
I feel life that waits in the dust
I hear music out of the silence
So close your eyes beyond the Wayside

This song has a magick to it that really makes it powerful. I remember when we first played it at a show; it was our first time playing at a new club and the crowd didn’t know us at all. We kicked into the chorus — and they just went wild. Ever since, it’s been one of our most requested songs.

Where did it come from? Brian and I were jamming in the music room one night and this song just (for lack of a better word) materialized. The musical arrangement came together effortlessly – It was one of those songs that feels like it existed already and we just revealed it rather than writing it. The song is still played just as we wrote it.

Which is why we scrapped the first recording of it – it didn’t capture the real magick that this band creates when we play this tune live. So I’m really excited about getting this done in the studio soon.

Letting this song shine will be super satisfying for all of us.

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  1. Cool tunes, cool recording, you guys sound really good! Loved the lyrics in “Wayside” – should have been “Wake Up People”. Keep going!

  2. Hey GF, ignore my other post, I just found this entry I was looking for. But I still want more about how these lyrics came to you and what they mean to you.

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