Alchemy Waits

Songs appear when we least expect them sometimes – and “Alchemy Waits” is a perfect example of that.

Brian’s always experimenting with different sounds and textures; he’ll often just be tripping with tones when something he’s playing just calls to me. During one of his sound experiments, I started singing to it and it fell into place – although it’s kind of a different style for us. It’s got a bit of a “bayou” feel to it, and there’s some very cool guitar tones on the recording.

When we’ve had time in a live set, we’ve played it at a few shows. I’ve been a little surprised how well people really liked it. Sometimes we get billed as a “stadium style rock band,” and I suppose we forget that a tune like this one has a certain vibe to it that is attractive. I’m a sucker for music that has some drama or mystery to it, along with hooks, so I suppose that’s why Alchemy works for me…

It conjures up a feeling of a midnight party in a swampy glade, and a stranger who offers peek into another reality…alchemy waits for us all.

Here’s my favorite part of the lyrics:

“Blessed the darkness
Running away with your soul
Coaxing it back just singing that rock and roll
Come on out don’t you wanna see?
Taste a little bit of that alchemy…”

I did the final vocal on this song tonight in the home studio (as usual, using the Rode mike); it’s fun to sing because it uses a soft breathy technique in the verses with some fun ad libs, and then blossoms into an almost rockabilly chorus, but more on the rock side. So far I don’t envision any harmonies, but they could happen.

Not sure which song I’ll sing tomorrow.

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