Watercolor Day

What if you could see the earth’s history compressed into just one day? Imagine the sun rising in the east, life beginning and changing shapes: plants fill the oceans, followed by fish, animals and birds. Species appear and spread over the land and water, then fade away, being replaced by others. Then human civilizations rise, fall and vanish, and finally the night comes…

And then all is as quiet as it was just before the sun arose.

That’s Watercolor Day. Although we recorded the music many months ago, we’ve decided to shorten the song up a bit. I recorded the vocal tonight in the home studio. It begins like this…

The star it rose in the east
A watercolor day…

When Brian had first played this riff, I saw that picture of the earth’s story in my mind, but I didn’t get the actual lyrics right away. They evolved over several rehearsals.

When this happens, I just sing phonetically with only the few words I have. It passes for lyrics to anyone not really paying attention, and allows me to figure out what sounds go where. Then the words take shape. When lyrics get written this way, they sometimes don’t make a lot of “linear” sense, but it works for me. 🙂 There’s a line in there that seemed a bit obvious, but I decided to leave it in…because it fit the pictures in my mind’s eye.

The next night or two we’ll be rehearsing for this weekend’s recording session. So probably no more vocals on the existing recordings till I finish them up next week.

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  1. My girlfriend and I love this song. its cool to finally get to see all the lyrics and what its about. we couldnt get all the words at the black forest show but I wondered what that star that rose in the east was.

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